Kinect powered LED Portal

December 9, 2014

I put up the files for a TouchDesigner driven fadecandy LED portal I made for a halloween party. A kinect is being used to alter the speed and mixing of the effects. The app is a Spout Cinder app which…

Camera tracking with Pixy and Dynamixel Servos

August 25, 2014

I hooked up my Pixy Cam to an Arbotix running two dynamixel servos in a pan/tilt configuration. They Dynamixels are very advanced actuators with dedicated onboard MCUs for adjustable torque, speed, and response. They also have position, load, voltage, and…

Chromebook Pixel Video Wall

March 4, 2013

Obscura hosted the launch event for Google’s Chromebook Pixel laptop. A video wall was constructed consisting of 25 Pixel laptops running a very high res video across all the screens. I was responsible for creating the playback system to synchronize…

3D finger tracking experiment

November 11, 2012

Last week I setup a Three Gear tracking system to test out it’s abilities. The system does fairly precise tracking of individual fingers and also detects some gestures. It seems similar to what the leap controller advertises but is available…

Cinder Kinect Proof of Concept

October 15, 2012

An experiment in using a person’s reflected silhouette to move back and forth through a filmstrip. This was a quick demo to showcase a hardware configuration consisting of a monitor integrated with a small form factor pc and a 3d…

3D to 2D correspondence Mapping Technique

October 12, 2012

I’ve been testing out a technique using a modified version of Kyle McDonald’s opensource Mapamok code to quickly calibrate a virtual 3d model to a projector and I’m finding it’s a good technique for mapping models. I’ve developed a workflow…

Projection mapped wall

October 4, 2011

To test out a new projection mapping tool I did a quick mapping of the wall created by the architecture firm IwamotoScott who shares a space in the Obscura office. You can read more about the wall here. The mapping…

real time hair prototype

March 15, 2011

A test to create real-time realistic looking hair on the gpu. I used instanced quads to render out the strands using two end points as inputs for each strand encoded in a pixel buffer. the pixel buffer was run through…

GPU based Kinect point cloud visualizer

December 21, 2010

I created a plugin for TouchDesigner to visualize Kinect point clouds on the GPU. I used the OpenNI SDK to get the pointcloud image in real world coordinates inside of TouchDesigner. Then I ran it through a GLSL shader to…