Video Sculpture Timelapse

June 19, 2015

Here’s a timelapse I made while setting up a projection mapped sculpture installation for a party. The sculpture is made of modular blocks which allows for a modular mapping technique where the blocks can be assembled in arbitrary configurations. Since…

Giant Android Phone

January 24, 2013

I recently completed a project that required and Android OS application to run on a large blowup of an Android phone using an lcd monitor and a touch foil overlay. There were a number of different proposed methods for getting…

Nokia Horizon Line

August 9, 2011
dynamic tubes

This was a permanent installation for the lobby of a new Nokia R+D building. The concept was a collection of real-time data visualizations of various Nokia statistics like phone sales or text messages sent along with displays of various phone…

Generic Adaptive Mesh Refinement

December 5, 2010

My implementation of the technique involved rendering the geometry using hardware instancing of a single quad whose positions are calculated in a vertex shader. By changing the the subdivisions of the quad you can easily add or remove detail to…