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Facebook Connections

A physical, social, augmented reality experience dubbed “Connections” featured at F8, Facebook’s developer’s conference. An array of 3D cameras track any number of people in the space while multiple overhead projectors map onto the floor a data visualization of the participant's social graph. User's swipe into the experience using their RFID badges. Once logged in, lines are drawn between people based on similar connections or interests. An intelligent layout algorithm was used to draw the lines in a clean way around participants. When users come in proximity to one another a slideshow appears displaying common friend's profile photos and icons representing common interests. A large screen behind the experience displays real-time aggregate information of the all the user's data such as the total number of friends currently in the experience.



data visualization design, real-time rendering system, facebook api integration, animation and motion tracking system integration

Client :
  • Facebook
Category :
  • Data Visualization
Skills :
  • Augmented Reality
  • C++
  • Computer Vision
  • Javascript
  • OpenGL